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1993 I obtained my qualifications and Diploma for dog grooming.


Since then, apart from grooming and caring for my own dogs, I also ran a grooming business in Pirmasens/Germany..


As I have a particilar fondest for small, long haired dogs, I decided to specialize   and concentrate   in these dogs, whose coats need special care and understanding, and where needed treatment and conditioning to return a coat to natural beauty.


Many years ago i made a grooming video for the new owners of Mandarin Garden's puppies. At this time there was not much information available like today. Now I decieded to share it on YouTube so everyone who has interested can watch it. Unfortunalty it is only in german. It comes in three parts an is full of grooming tips, in particular for the Shih Tzu, but could apply to other long haired breeds.



My Shih Tzu - well groomed


Mandarin Garden's Shih Tzu

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